Missions – In our effort to reach the world for Jesus Christ, we support missionaries who carry the Gospel to places that we cannot go.

Our Missionaries

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The Bensons our missionaries to Cameroon West Africa.                                                The Bramblets our missionaries to Australia.

Bramblet (2)Benson







Melissa Carlson our missionary to Sweden.                                                                         The Clarks our missionaries to Germany.








The Hodnetts our missionaries to Scotland.

Hodnett (2)










The Jones our missionaries to Columbus, Indiana.                                                  The Jupp Family Church Planters in Los Angeles, CA.JuppFamily

Jones (2)







The Koontz Family Neighborhood Bible Time                                                          The Moore Family Church Planters in Falls City, NE.










The Nichols Family missionaries to Minas, Brazil                                                   The Paines our missionaries for furlough relief.











The Skillens our missionaries to the US Armed forces in Europe.                      The Starks our missionaries to Uganda, Africa.

Stark (2)













The Strothers our missionaries to  the United Kingdom.                                                   The Swansons our missionaries to Utah.


Strother (2)









The Wayes our missionaries to the United Kingdom.